Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Useful learning mindset

Thanks to the Japanese, the martial art of Kendo and my thoughtful Sensei Marleen for the concept of :


A disciplined state of mind which can respond to change in a situation in a calm,
normal manner, without becoming agitated.

This could be useful for students in class, and for teachers being asked to make class "webpages" by next Tuesday ;-)

p.s. nice hair-do Mr Woody ;-)


pinky said...

Lol! You look very smart mr woody! My sister used to do martial arts but she quit so she could start golf aswell. ( I think she was jealous of me, ha ha!)

I agree "nice haircut!"

Little Kiwi said...

Lol! you look very cool mr woody i also agree with you and pinky , you do have a nice hair cut :)
P.s come and see my sustainability blog and be the first to comment:):):):):):):)


i couldn't think of one... said...

Haha lolz you look kind of weird in that body armour suit thingy no offence lolz.

Bubbles said...

You look very cool mr woody!!!!! :) YOu look like your having lots oof fun:)

Little Miss Room 18 said...

Ha, Good luck with the webpage Mr. Woody!
You look very smart in the that uniform suit outfit.

Frozen Tree said...

Mr W00dy, you looked awesome! I used to do martial arts, but i kept falling over instead of kicking.

P.S. Whats for homework? I missed school today because I was sick.

Frozen Tree.

Miss McConnell said...

homework this week is to bring in a newspaper to cut out words and picures about sustainability from, so that we can make a collage, also your wordstudy words (spanish) and one other thing hopefully mr woody can remember what is was! hope you feel beter FT!! :)

Frozen Tree said...

Thanks, I think I could get to school tomorrow, I'm feeling much better.

Rainbows and GreenGrass said...

Ha thats pretty crack up Mr Woody!

I'm not good at staying in a calm state of mind like you!

Midnight Baloney said...

Mr Woody, you look yellow in this picture. Cool armour-stuff-thingy though. I used to do Judo but I don't do it anymore. I can't remember why I quit.

miss south africa said...

Thats a good piece of advice for everyone!

Kendo looks like a very interesting sport.

lilrocsta said...

you look like darth vada without the hood hat thingy and the cape!!

love peace and happiness said...


it looks like you enjoy this activity and are very involved in it. haha

G gangster said...

Mr woody you look very striking in your kendo armor. =-)

my brother used to do Ikedo and he used to practice doing throw on me and once I accualy managed to counter it and throw him! It was pretty cool.:-]

black wolf said...

Hey! Baloney is right you do look kind of yellow in the pic. I never did any kind of martail art I did want to when I was like 9 or something.

Black Wolf

Sprint Gas Racing said...

Kendo dosn't look like a very calming sport. Trying to smash someones brains out and screaming across the room. When I did Karate it was fun but also it was very disciplining even though I didn't know it was happening

DX said...

kendo looks really cool mr woody.