Sunday, May 10, 2009

Football training

We have some football [soccer] mad kids in our class and we are learning the skills of the game this term. I'm lucky to have four of you in my team. Hopefully Mr Webb won't poach our super-striker. Luckily, if he does, we have other goal scoring machines as well :-)

Who can tell me who this mega-famous former football star is?

Here are some links to sites with info and tips: lots of links to football skills 'n' drills

Frank Lampard on practicing

Soccertoons for advice, ideas, etc

Breakaway soccer stuff

Soccer Sins: [from Soccertoons]

Soccer Sin #1 - Players who pass up on shooting opportunities are of no impact on the game.

Soccer Sin #2 - The silent player who cannot communicate on the field is invisible to all.

Soccer Sin #3 - Strikers and midfielders who fail to track back on defensive transition, or unwilling to hunt down the opposition with the ball are should get accustomed to a new sport like fishing, or tiddlywinks.

And Soccertoon Clues:

Train ball touch maneuvers with a tennis ball to soften your touch and increase your foot speed.

The mother of skill is REPETITION so find the time alone to train to music and a thousand touches per day, as a minimum.

Treat the ball like an egg and do not scramble it!

If you put in 90% effort do not expect to get back 100% improvement.

Find a pattertennis court and take a ball. Play it off the walls and work on receiving turning, heading, volleys. No pressure - no one is watching! You will get comfortable with the ball and be creative. You have no limits to the creative ball maneuvers you can master in the restricted space of an enclosed court. The ball will fly and so will your reactions.

Find a soccer buddy who is as dedicated and crazy about training as you are and get together twice a week for some fun games and 1v1 competition. You will not only get competent but more importantly CONFIDENT.


i couldn't think of one... said...

Lolz sorry Mr Woody but if Mr Webb asks me to go to the 1st eleven im leaving lolz, and that famous football photo is Pele lolz.

pinky said...

I agree with all of those "soccer sins" they are really helpful tips.I love soccer aswell as all other sports

Sportsta1 said...

Omg That could be Pele or Rivaldo

Bobby said...

cool Mr Woody I hope that I can get some more skill on the field.

mousewheel said...

Peps that is Pele the brazillian star

Bubbles said...

I dont know much about soccer as I play netball but it sounds cool next year I think Im going to play!(that is if I get in)

"Soca Nerd!" said...

I reckon that it would be Rivaldo or Ronaldo (both from the brazilian side). I reckon that is pretty basic advise but could you give the advance players very vital tips.

oh and thanks for talking about me (jokes) LOL !!!!

Arsenal4Life said...

its pele omg he is the 2nd greatest soccer player in the world.MARADONA IS 1ST.And mr woody u diddnt tell me u watched arsenal play chelsea thats mean ur soooooo lucky

Little Miss Room 18 said...

Thanks now I understand the game better!

Sportsta1 said...

Good On you guys you all have positive attitudes towards the game if you work hard and become a good person to work with people will soon recognize you!!! =).....

Catch Ya

Perfect Sniper

Olly said...

hey mr woody. im in the 3rd 11 again but wish u were still our coach :)

horseluva4 said...

Guess what? I know who that guy is it's Edison Arantes do Nascimento (Pele). P.S: I have a new post on my blog. Please check it out if you can.

darkrider said...

I'm not really into soccer that much but this is an interesting post.