Monday, May 4, 2009

Flippy Fishy

We are testing out a new Flip Video for class.
If it takes reasonable quality images and sound without making too large a file we could get one for our class so we can easily record and upload video enhancements to our blog posts.
How do the fish look? Can you hear anyone in the background?


Wesley Fryer said...

Yes, we can hear some talking in the background, but this is still a great video. Cool class pets.

You might consider setting up a class webcam. One way to do this is with StopMotion. This is a program I've used before which is free for Mac users for StopMotion:

I haven't made a webcam in a while, I'm not sure if the flip could be used for this or not.

Have you named different fish in your classroom fish tank? If so, what are the names you have chosen for your different fish?

deeknow said...

Yes I could hear some voices, but I just figured that was the Fish talking? :)

Bubbles said...

That is cool I love fish they are cool when the swim around

pinky said...

The fish are a bit blury. I can hear someone in the background! Ha Ha.