Monday, May 18, 2009


We are learning about Economics in relation to our Sustainability theme.
Here is a great website to help you understand the concept of Supply and Demand.



i couldn't think of one... said...

I sort of understand that supply and demand thingy, but it would be better if someone explained it to me. I also used that website for the mathematics and it helped alot. THANKS!

MrWoody said...

Thanks for the feedback Monsieur le Badrianneo. We will watch the video in class then discuss it as part of our learning for economics and sustainability.
It's important to understand the interconnectedness of our economic systems and our lifestyles, along with out impact on the environment.

Frozen Tree said...

I think that it was useful, but also kids might think that its cool, because its got video games in the movie.

Frozen Tree said...

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pinky said...

That website was really helpful! I understand the supply and demand a whole lot better now! Thanks!

MrWoody said...

Interesting post, FrozenOne. Is this the right place for it. Nevermind. I am thrilled by your enthusiasm and innovative thinking.

Little Miss Room 18 said...

Yay i got seven out of ten on the quiz.
I understand supply and demand better now but i still do not understand it entirely.

Bobby said...

This is very interesting like every other thing on your blog