Thursday, February 18, 2010

Enjoy your blogging, Room3

Thanks for having me as a reliever for a whole week, Room3. You are a lovely class and I enjoyed working with you.
I also really enjoyed getting to know the staff of St Andrews and the student teachers who showed up.
Perhaps some of our blogging may rub off on a few of them too.

Your task is to:
1. make a blog
2. make settings including email notification and word verification
3. make a post about something you enjoy, including a picture.
4. leave someone else a comment on one of their posts
5. follow your classmate's blogs
6. get the code for a clustrmap and embed it in your 'layout'
7. keep in touch with me via my blog :-)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Hows school?

How are you Woodmonstas doing with your new yr 7's and new teacher?
Please keep in touch. I want to hear from Jordan please... and Ishtak... and all of you!
Mr Arcus - what is going on?
Queenbead, LittleMissRm18, etc, spread the word and I hope to hear from eveyone soon :-)
I bet it's much calmer in there now that the rowdy yr 8's from last year have gone.
[don't worry - listing those names won't get anyone abducted.]
Cheers from Mr Woody [currently in a digital class at St Andrews]

Friday, February 5, 2010

What do National Standards mean for kids in Kiwi schools?

So who knows what national standards are? They kick in this year and the concept now influences how teaching and learning are developed in this country, despite warnings from abroad that the idea doesn't work. Opinion is divided.
Here is an interesting article on the Ministry of Ed's website comparing the idea of National Standards and it's "Evil Twin".
In reading the comparisons, I can see that the intentions in this country are firmly set on the positive potential of the concept and hopefully we Kiwis will take the noble path. However, if you line teachers and/or schools up and compare them based on test data certain behaviours, such as teaching to tests, may occur. I guess it will come down to how talented our school leaders are at managing it all.
I think NZ students are very fortunate to be learning in one of the world's most caring and enlightened educational systems... by comparison to others at least. 
Enjoy learning, kidlets! You are very fortunate to be living and learning in this great country of ours at the bottom [or is it the top?] of the world. Let's hope we don't stuff it up too much for you.

National Standards Road Trip about trialling standards before trialling them on kids      

NZEI website re standards being implemented

NZCurriculum online info about standards