Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cool Maths Games

Check out this site for fun maths games like Lemonade Stand which encourages entrepreneurial skills.

And try out Maths is Fun for more online learning opportunities :-)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Entrepreneurs, Innovators or Inventors?

Watch this Ted Talk relating to an amazing new device that emulates a type of "sixth sense".
Share your opinions here about the qualities of the people involved in designing and testing such a concept.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Term Three Theme - Innovators, Inventors and Entrepreneurs

We are comparing, contrasting and studying Innovators, Inventors, and Entrepreneurs.
Our goal will be to become innovative, inventive and entrepreneurial.
This post and the next two will be relating to the three concepts listed above.
Let's begin by investigating INNOVATION:

Why have I chosen this image to represent an innovator? What is the unspoken message? Use your powers of inference and PPK to answer this question then read on...

Here are some potentially useful websites. Please analyse them and add any useful information to your own understanding of the term. Good luck!

Google's "defining engine"

WikiAnswers defines the term

An interview with an expert

YahooAnswers has people responding to questions

Ezine article on "Every Person is an Innovator"

Wiktionary has a very basic definition

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Digital Storytelling

You must have been miserable with me gone ;-)

[I hope your science fairs are ready. I hope all your sustainability arguments are done.]

I have been doing a digital storytelling workshop with special people. It was amazing! The stories they told were so moving everybody cried :-)
We can do digital storytelling in our class. Do YOU have a personal story to tell? Something honest and poignant that can be told in a few minutes with still images and a voice over/narration?
It may seem hard, but with help, it is easy. Your own stories flow from you once you start.
You can leave comments here with ideas if you like.
Some new friends touched my life this week and I hope we can all benefit from the experience.
See you tomorrow!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Holiday fun!

What's everyone doing?
I'm off skiing in the South Island from Sunday.
How about you guys? I hope you're all having heaps of fun!

Good luck with your science fair entries. Bring them to school for checking BEFORE you glue info onto your board. I can give you advice on how to improve your work.

Those people who didn't hand in their written arguments before the end of term need to complete them before you return to school. Remember, you can post it on your blog in the sustainability section and leave me a comment here to alert me to it's existence. If you do that, you will be redeemed...

"Wolfgirl" [oh ye of Egyptian nomenclature] - You have a special extra assignment - ask your father what the details are - I have consulted with him to make sure he knows what you have to do. I'm talking about the wikipedia "plain English" review of your chosen novel.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Interesting topics to study

Let me know about your interests. What would you like to study at school?
Once you have your "license to inquire" you can study virtually anything you want to.
Comment here to leave your ideas.