Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Digital Storytelling

You must have been miserable with me gone ;-)

[I hope your science fairs are ready. I hope all your sustainability arguments are done.]

I have been doing a digital storytelling workshop with special people. It was amazing! The stories they told were so moving everybody cried :-)
We can do digital storytelling in our class. Do YOU have a personal story to tell? Something honest and poignant that can be told in a few minutes with still images and a voice over/narration?
It may seem hard, but with help, it is easy. Your own stories flow from you once you start.
You can leave comments here with ideas if you like.
Some new friends touched my life this week and I hope we can all benefit from the experience.
See you tomorrow!


pinky said...

Sounds cool! I will check it out!!!

What were some of their stories about?


lilrocsta said...

sounds like fun!!1

Little Miss Room 18 said...

Sounds cool Maybe we could relate it to our studies this term!!!!

jjdragonrider said...

That sounds like cool fun Mr Woody!