Monday, May 4, 2009

Cooking Show

Meet our new cooking show host - this is his first time on camera. [He will improve, as will our production values.]


pinky said...

What! How did you decide! I wanted to be the host! Oh well I am the "co-host"

MrWoody said...

Pinky - you can have your own show too :-)

Your interview is at 3:15 on Wednesday.

The Unknown Seeker said...

Thats me! I'm famous! and I sound american.

Wesley Fryer said...

Thanks for helping your North American viewers (like Sarah and I) understand where Hamilton, NZ, is geographically!

You sounded very fluent - we look forward to watching your show soon!

- Mr Fryer and Sarah, in Oklahoma, USA

Sprint Gas Racing said...

Hi wesley and welcome to
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Grasslands Kindergarten said...

I would be interested in getting some new cooking ideas! Master chef look out!