Thursday, May 7, 2009

Maths homework links

Who could this be???
Find out on the compulsory site at the end of this post.

Here are links to previous Room5ians Rule maths posts, links to online resources for homework, and some other guff about maths you may find interesting...

magic MATHS!

maths is great - afterall, we like shopping don't we? and working out how much pizza we can all have? and getting to the movies on time? - all using maths.

maths can also be magic - in fact, we can use mathematical language to describe almost anything in the universe. on a simple level, we can investigate the magic numbers appear to have.

have you ever investigated magic squares?

follow the link below...

and for a safe NZ government organised site with links to lots of NZ relevant maths stuff follow this link:

and for those keen to try out maths games and problems, check out this link:

pyramid maths and info

this site has the explanation of how the pyramids were built as well as some activities relating to the maths of pyramids.

mega maths!

For those of you who do find maths interesting and are looking for a challenge, see these sites. there is one on Leonardo daVinci's works also. I think we will look at it in class, so if you want to get a head start....


I have attached some hyperlinks to NZ Maths online, digital learning objects, and TKI's eLearning sites...

!!! Compulsory !!! in ICT Time


black wolf said...

OH Yay math...I'm so so happy...*notice the hint of sarcasm*

pinky said...

Cool! I will try out the games!

jjdragonrider said...

that should be really helpful thanks

G gangster said...

The picture is the dude who spins the wheel with that lady in the link.
I don't know his name though.

black wolf said...

Right his name is ethier Hypatia or Pythagoras.

Little Miss Room 18 said...

It sort of confused me at the start but then I kind of undertsood it better!