Wednesday, May 27, 2009


See the bottom of the page to see My Abodo - it is the sustainable house I designed in a rural community in MyAbodo land. It's easy, fun and teaches you about sustainable choices.
When you design your own Myabodo house, register it and say you live in "Hamilheaven". [See if you can do cooler houses than Miss Freeman's class.]

Join me in MyAbodo


G gangster said...

I just made my awesome abodo!!!!
were we supposed to make it like your own home or not?

G gangster said...

you should come check mine out you can go to my normal blog or my sustainability blog.

The URL's are:

Anonymous said...

Hey ,
I have My abodo on my sustainability blog (it is the top on the scale if you know what I mean) I have a lso done another post on my job and it has a really good link for you because you are a farmer!!
See you @ school :):):)

Little Miss Room 18 said...

Come check out my clean green abodo on my sustainability blog!

black wolf said...

I had a cool one and I was about to post it but all the links on the blog have stopped working for me. Very annoying.

pinky said...

It wouldn't work at first so I will try at home!

The Other Boy said...

I have one, it is not exactly as I live, but as I want to live. I entered my location as "Hamilheaven", but it sorts you by ecological-ness, not by location. :-(

Bubbles said...

I made my abodo and it on my blog its sooo energy effeicient and eco-friendly!!!!!!!!! =)