Thursday, October 1, 2009

Why is blogging cool?

Hey Kidlets - tell me here in [English, Spanish or Japanese] why blogging is fun, engaging, encourages you to write and is a good idea for using at school and home.
I'm going to show this to teachers at Ulearn in Christchurch next week.
I am also getting a cup made for the blogger of the Week. It will be handed to the best blogger each Friday and will be based on comments in this blog and posts on your own blogs. Currently you guys are being out-blogged on your own class blog by Room5ians from last year. [oh the shame!]
Blogger of the year in December will keep the cup for good :-)
Encourage each other to go on here to enhance our world famousness :-)


jjdragonrider said...

Hi Mr Woody! I hope you are having a cool holidays! I think blogging is fun because you get to write about interesting and exciting things that relate to you and your learning. Blogging encourages you to write because when you are at school and you are asked to write something in you exercise books for homework you think "I don't want to do that". But if you have a blog you can (if your aloud) put in on there instead. So it encourages you to write more often because it is a lot more exciting than writing it in an exercise book. that is why i think blogging is cool.

ricky bobby said...

haha i love your name. Woody lol.

Little Miss Room 18 said...

I think blogging is a really valuable way to learn because it widens your knowledge of different vocabulary and it motivates you to make your work the best standard it can be, as it is being showcased to the world.
Blogging also improves your spelling and your connection with your class and your teacher. It is a great way to hear other people’s ideas and get feedback/forward from a whole range of different audiences!
Overall I think blogging is a great way of learning and an even better way to interact with your class!

MrWoody said...

Brilliant comments you two ladies - well done. I agree with your reasons too.
As for proof reading skills, which one of you is superior do you think???
I look forward to teachers reading your comments at the conference next week.

MrWoody said...

p.s. I think that RickyBobby character above is a harmless school kid from somewhere in the world. I wonder if we can find out where he is.
[- I hope he knows about creating a quality digital footprint like you blessed Woodmonstas...]

The Other Boy said...

Hahahaha. I agree with this 'rickybobby' fellow, your name is rather funny. He mentioned something on his blog about his 'homecoming', which was also mentioned on the blog of someone who commented on my blog. The other guy was from the central north-east region of the USA. Perhaps they know each other or have something in common?
I think that Little Miss Room 18 and jjdragonrider are completely right with all that stuff that they said, and all that I can hope to do is sum up and recount what they said.
Blogging lets us release our inner voice in a great way, because it takes away our shyness of presenting directly to people, and yet anyone in the world can view it and praise us without the fear of people dissing us or putting us down. I really like blogging and anyone and everyone in the world being my audience.
The Other Boy

MrWoody said...

wOWZa! What a comment, OtherLad. Thanks for that.
How do you think you can cope with comments from random people like the student from America who may comment slightly inappropriately? Many folk would say you shouldn't be exposed to such "risks" at your age. How would you respond?

..and you're on detention for being disrespectful :-)

Nei-Nei Neina-Marie said...

Blogging means that children can use the internet and technology to communicate to eachother after school. It means that children can have a wider sense of the world with technology, have fun with technology and learn in an innovative, completely new way.

Rocky said...

Hi there, love your blog.
As a parent who works full-time I find my childrens' class blogs are a great way for me to connect with their lives at school. It means that I can ask them more than just 'How was your day?' and as a result I get a richer response.

MrWoody said...

Nice ONe Rockster! :-) Thanks for that perspective - some of my parents don't buy into it, but others see the benefit and the engaging fascination it has for many of the keen kids. It's great for bright kids who are hungry for more learning and keen to showcase their thoughts and get feedback from more than just the old teacher in the room.

Moturoa said...

I think that blogging lets you communicate with your class when the holidays are on. You can still keep on sharing what you are doing.

MrWoody said...

Cheers Allanah - hopefully you will win the blogging award in Interface magazine too :-)

Marissaa said...

hello many of you fullas won't knw me but some do cough maddi emma

as i mentioned before in our blog we are YOUNG ADULTS please use that in future references

thanks heaps

MrWoody said...

Hello there M. We don't use our real names in our blogging, as you should remember from last year.
You are also not young adults - you are adolescents. As for your tone, be careful please, as it sounds disrespectful when you SHOUT and give directives to adults.
As for reading your posts, welcome back! Long time no hear :-) I hope sports class is all you hoped for. It has been nice to read comments from KittyMilo recently also.
Say Hi to Mr Cocks for me - I hear he bought a new house.
Ciao for now.

Bubbles said...

Mr Woody i think the cup us a great idea to get rm 18 actively involved with digital learning (blogging)!!! =)

Isabel said...

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