Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Packing for Survival on the "Return to Matainui!"

We are returning to Matainui to camp for two weeks. We shall travel by sea plane and you may take what you are wearing and a backpack with ten other items in it. Your lunch for the first day will not count as an item. Think about your list and pack for any potential survival situations. You may cooperatively pack to make sure you get more items amongst your group.
Weather will be similar to what we are experiencing in Hamilton at present, but possibly colder and wetter.
Island inhabitants, flora and fauna will be only as you would have found 1500 years ago, before the arrival of humans. Everything you say you want to do on the island will have to be something you can actually do with the equipment you have.
No other adults will be with us. We will travel from Kawhia Harbour in a plane like the one pictured above.
All skills and knowledge you wish make use of on the island will must be posted on your own "Return To Matainui" blog. Show images and descriptions of equipment, etc.
Daily diary entries of your adventures and experiences need to be posted, free of errors.
Good luck!

Links to relevant sites:

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Bubbles said...

I have started on word so it will be error free!!!!!!! =)

Anonymous said...

SAMEEEEEEE good minds thimk Alike, Hi mr Woody its me i used to belittle Kiwi I jst changed mi name i have got a return to MATAINUI blog now

Winged Hussar said...

hey mrwoody - I started a new blog and did a post about the preparation. Sounds like there will be lots of unexpected things happening on our field trip to Matainui island...lets just hope most of them are good things. Also be sure to check out my other blog for some free games I have made.

G gangster said...

Hi mr woody I've started A new blog and will put on a post with all of my equipment I will be taking and maybe some pictures.

P.S. I cant wait till I'm a great writer!!! =-]

Bubbles said...

I have done my creative writing!!! =) Blog-bubbilicious writing blog!

G gangster said...

I have just finished a post on my new blog and one about the dangerous Dihydrogen Monoxide one my main blog.
Woodmonstas rule!!!!

Computer Guy said...

Hey I have started up my new blog, named Lost In Matainui (see my magic computer skills, too bad i cant use heading or underline codes)
Its awesome.

mousewheel said...

Im not very happy at the momment because i lost my bag and Marek is lost i spose i will just have to go and sleep in a tree.
BTW I did a post on my ordanairy Blog and i made a Matainui Blog

MrWoody said...

Great comments everyone - check your spelling and punctuation, Mousewheel. Your idea about sleeping up a large tree could be useful if we discover dangerous ground critters...

Computer Guy said...

Hey, I have got all my items and most of them have images to match.

Check out my blog: Lost In Matainui

P.S. you made a spelling mistake on the blue link (To Ten Survival Tools instead of Top Ten Survival Tools)

MrWoody said...

CompDude - there's nothing on your new blog so don't direct people there until there is.
Glad your keen so get some writing published :-) I'm looking forward to reading your brilliant story.
Remember it doesn't have to be ultra perfect the first time because we can edit it and make changes in our writers community.

pinky said...

Cool! I am so excited!! This will be a good topic to learn about survival skills.

Midnight Baloney said...

I've created a new blog and have posted on it.

=) Enjoy!