Monday, October 12, 2009

Term 4, Week 1 ... Themes, Concepts, Contexts

Firstly, congratulations to our yr 7 and 8 class citizens. It was genuinely hard to choose. Based on my observations and your votes, it came down to between three and five people for each year level, so well done to the lads who made the grade.
As for this week's homework, you need to post something interesting on your blog that you have written in your own words and referenced any sources you used.
You also need to scan and skim the Room5ian personal blogs to find some quality narrative writing. Look for posts relating to Kakepuku Catastrophe and/or diary writing. Leave your chosen favourite blogger a comment showing your appreciation.

As for Term Four work, it is as follows:
  • We have a novel study to work on in groups, based on short novels and with a booklet to work on through a process known as reciprocal reading. Your response work will be posted on a wiki set up by and for your reading group. Instructions will be given in class.
  • Maths will be based around geometry and mapping for starters, as well as numeracy based on fractions, decimals, etc later in the term.
  • Writing will be around the co-construction of creative stories [narratives] based on your experiences surviving in a fantasy-based life on the Matai Islands.
  • You will also write and deliver a 3 minute speech [- you can use props and ICT] due in week 4.
  • Your overall theme will be based on "Relationships" and "Making a Difference". We will write our stories to share with other students who find reading boring or difficult. We could also do something to make a contribution to the disaster relief in Samoa.
  • In P.E. we will be developing our fitness and skills for athletics. We also need to learn social dancing skills for the Yr 8 formal.


Little Miss Room 18 said...

Sounds like it is going to be a really cool term!

MrWoody said...

Thank you LittleMIssRoom18. I appreciate your enthusiasm :-)

G gangster said...

Yeah it does sound cool. I especially like that we are going back to the Matai islands I found it really cool.

Sprint Gas Racing said...

We are all going on the "imaginary" trip of a life time and hopefully we all get through it safely. I have to agree with G gangster it will be a great term and we have made an excellent start. Keep it up and we will make it the best term ever.

Bubbles said...

I have already done a bit of research on a website I found about animal conservation! I love social dancing its so much fun!!!! =) I also love speechs last year I made it to the syndicate finals!! This term is going to be the best and next year i get to go to high school so excited!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

jjdragonrider said...

I'm sure this term is going to be AWESOME! I have made a post on my blog about Mark Twain and have included some of the things that we talked about yesterday :)

MrWoody said...

Excellent enthusiasm peeps - and don't let anyone bring you down - celebrate a love of learning!

DX said...

i think we are going to have a cool term as well