Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Learning for noob teacher Bloggers :-)

Welcome to Blogging, teachers.

Create a Google account. Gmail is also useful, but not required for setting up your blog.

Create a blog using services like Blogger or Edublogs.

Why let our Students blog? Clever Kiwi teacher Rachel Boyd tells us why using Youtube :-)

Learn from legendary ICT guru SuzieVepser

Blogger support coordinator tells us how to set up a blog. Its very simple :-)

Cybersafety Blogging Guidelines for schools from Netsafe

Join Twitter to create your own Personalised Learning Network [PLN].

Have fun playing a we will be here to support you. You may even get comments from students in
my class or other teachers who keep an eye on this blog.

Youtube links from Slideshow:
How to use...


The Other Boy said...

If you get Gmail on your Google account, you may also recieve notification everytime someone comments on any post of your blog :-)

MrWoody said...

Excellent point OtherBoy - you can do that with any email account though.
Have you added something nifty to your blog this week?
Thanks for helping educate the teachers :-)

MrWoody said...

Teachers in this session...
please leave a comment here which we can then follow to your blog.
Write something that you have learned or any ideas as to how you might like to use this medium to engage your students.
Or you could ask a question. On your own blog, make a post and as your question. When we visit we can try to answer in your blog as a comment.
Who knows - even some of my students may help you out :-)

MrWoody said...

http://sharpjacqui.blogspot.com/ try this for junior editing tricks :-)

Grasslands Kindergarten said...

Hey Mr Woody and the Stars of Room 18 weenjoyedvisitingyour site. You guys rock and wearevery impressedwith your work!

Grasslands Kindergarten, Hamilton

MrWoody said...

Thanks for that - we love how little people can blog too :-)

Ms M said...

Great workshop Mr Woody! Well done Room 18 gentleman presenters. Very proud! MsM

MrWoody said...

Woodmonstas - the teachers were very impressed by all your thoughts and work. Ms M is someone from our school and Grasslands Kindy Jo is one of our lovely boys' mum. :-)

Little Miss Room 18 said...

For our post on our blog can it be about anything or does it have to be on a set topic.

Element Master said...

LOL my mum went she thoroughly enjoyed working with you in your workshop Mr Woody LOL bye