Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Base 10 versus Base 12

In class today I challenged MysteryMan to uncover a reason why a base 12 counting system might be superior to a base 10 system, like ours.
Feel free to be the person to beat Mysteryman to provide me with answers to my advanced maths challenge.
I will provide links to several sites that may help you, but as always, it is best to think critically about the sources of info online and to triangulate your data to see if it is reliable.
One link in particular is clearly someone's opinion rather than hard facts. It is interesting though and does include some valid points worth investigating.

I found this amazing diagram related to someone's musings over base 12.

Here are the other links:


Happy said...

That sounds to hard for me. Haha :)

pinky said...

Cool!! I'll try out the links!!!


G gangster said...

I think it would be better because 12 is divisible by more numbers than ten.

MrWoody said...

Nice suggestion, GG, and well done for being first to join your reading group wiki.