Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Novel study wikispaces

Each of you is in a novel study group to practice reciprocal reading.
In your group you have a leader. You also need someone to post your responses on your group's wikispace. You need to follow the link and apply to sign up.
This is a chance to showcase your literacy skills online. I'm sure the BoT, Principal, DPs, your parents, etc will be delighted to follow your academic work online.







G gangster said...

I created a member in wikispaces and requested membership into the holes group.

Happy said...

Ok, Mr Woody you commented one of my posts saying it had a lack of paragraphs, well thats because I didn't think we really need paragraphs because it is more of a diary than an actual like story, but I can easily change it or start doing paragraphs.
Thanks for the feedback!

MrWoody said...

Great clarification comment, HappyGirl. You always need paragraphs when writing extended texts.
May I also say I'm delighted by your newly positive mood and excitement about learning this term. Well done!!!! What has improved for you?
Keep up the great work! You may be up for blogger of the week!

Bubbles said...

If I have already got a wiki should I make a new one???????!!!! I think we have a very exciting story at the moment and I think the best stories are ones that everyone can get really excited about and I must say I am pretty excited for only day 2 if you want to know what I am talking about check out
Bubbley xx

Bubbles said...

And I dont really get what we have to do on the wiki???!!!!!! =)
Bubbley xx

MrWoody said...

We will go over how to use the wiki in class :-) It's a great observation. Thank you, Bubbles.