Monday, March 2, 2009

Week Five Stats assignment

Our week 5 Statistical investigation has been introduced in class. By Tuesday [tomorrow] all students must be in pairs or trios having decided upon their chosen topic for investigation.
We have looked at appropriate topics and methodology in class.
It would be helpful if students could be supported with selecting a topic, gathering data [unless completed at school where time will be made available each day] and perhaps watching for relevant newspaper or television items that will help him/her with analysing the information and forming a conclusion.
Data must be collected, analysed and presented in appropriate ways by Friday this week before we go on camp. [If something brilliant has been designed that needs further time I can always make allowances.]
Following the survey design, data collection, anlaysis and presentation, the students must write a brief article to explain their findings then decide upon future action to take based on their investigation. There must be a clear goal for their research to make it purposeful. For example,
surveying free range egg purchasing habits then embarking upon an educational programme for classes to help them understand why battery farming is uncool.

Some of the resources we access in class are linked below:

A very well developed educational wiki by our neighbours in Room 19

Ideas for Investigations

Basic graphing

Digital Learning Objects to support the learning [username and password available in class]


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So this is Maths and Inqiry Studies??? Correct me if I am wrong

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You did with us last yaer remember? Except we didn't really do investigations.