Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Look back through the posts to find...

Your task, Woodmonstas, is to find the post with the discussion about our assignment to do with ourselves as learners. We must hit the ground running with it when we return from camp. Sadly this term is disrupted heavily with conferences, camps, testing and getting to know one another [- okay, that last one is very important and enjoyable].
Mostly, the research is into how we learn, starting with the habits of mind work we did, then moving onto the nervous sytem and the brain investigation. Soon we need to investigate our personal learning styles through the various systems that are available to help us understand our learning styles. We are all different and "one size doesn't fit all". Can you explain what I mean by that?

For now, in your own blogs, I would like you to create a post about an artist you like. Show some examples of their work that you enjoy.
Do you know how to upload pictures to your blog? I have demonstrated in class and will again. Post links to websites that you think are valuable for anyone wanting to learn about them and any url's of places you have found information. And make a personal statement about why you enjoy their work.
I will post an example above this post.

[This is why it is important to access the blog and to try to do what I ask - it is part of your class work. I am not just trying to amuse myself whilst sitting at home. Some of you are doing a GREAT JOB! In fact, several of you even seem to have an international following already. Well done!]


The Other Boy said...

The homework was kinda fun, and I do know what you mean by "one size fits all", but I'm not that great at discribing things, so I won't. I could if I wanted to, but I don't particularly.
Hasta pronto

Little Miss Room 18 said...

I have posted a post on my blog about my artist you should come and have a LOOK!