Monday, March 30, 2009

the affect [- or is that effect?] of one noisy group

We are currently gathering more data on factors which affect our learning.
In our splendid class we have table groups. One particular group is quite often noisy and disruptive. They claim that they are on task, which often they are. What I am interested in finding out is how does it affect the rest of you? Can you explain in polite terms how it affects the working environment in the class? Maybe it has a positive influence by adding amusement or perhaps it could be like the music and somehow create positive working energy. Maybe you find it wastes time and creates negativity. Possibly it could be a balance of the two and it may depend on picking the right time to chat and share a laugh.
Feel free to add your hypotheses [- the plural of hypothesis, KarateKid].
Also please explain what hypothesis means.
And if you don't know, add it to your word study list.

N.B. I really enjoy the vibrancy of the people involved. I am simply concerned about the disruptiveness.

p.s. Can anyone tell me what N.B. stands for and what it means?


The Other Boy said...

It does kind of affect me, and I am on the other side of the class, but I can still hear them. It often amuses, but also completely disrupts most of/all of the class.
I believe that it IS a balance of the two energies, good (humourous, funny, entertaining to watch), but also bad (disrupting teaching/learning and putting off people who are trying to do something).
Hypothesis: an informed guess or prediction.
NB: nota bene: Used to direct attention to something particularly important.

The Karate Kid said...

I have to agree with you there Mr Woody and I do think some times it gets out of hand.

Hypothesis means:

1. a proposition, or set of propositions, set forth as an explanation for the occurrence of some specified group of phenomena, either asserted merely as a provisional conjecture to guide investigation (working hypothesis) or accepted as highly probable in the light of established facts.
2. a proposition assumed as a premise in an argument.
3. the antecedent of a conditional proposition.
4. a mere assumption or guess.

MrWoody said...

N.B. literally means "note well" from the Latin "nota bene" - Well done OtherBoy

SombreroMan5 said...

:):) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

lilrocsta said...

I think that it is a mix of disruptions and humor which keeps us working. It can get a little disturbing sometimes though sitting right next to their group and them complaining that our group is cheating. Its not our fault we are Fabulous!
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Bobby said...

I think that when you tell them to be silent they stop but when we just look at them (like we did today) they don't notice. Personally I think that it is more than one of them but I don't find it a problem because my last class was worse than this so I don't mind at all.

Frozen Tree said...

hypothesis means 'your theory'

Frozen Tree said...

The picture on the right has three faces, one in the middle, one on the left, and one on the right. from a distance the image looks like just 1 face, but a closer look shows more of the image.

Mystery Man said...

Woodmonstas blog viewers I have read your comments and I believe that there is no good hard worker and naughty disruptive catergories that certain students fall into whilst in class, only one giant catergory that is called classmates. Classmates depend on one another to learn. In fact a well supported member of the ministry of education assures me that children learn absolutley nothing if there is not anyone messing around in class to set their mind in a positive way,plus someone has to be that person it's not like we can just rid the world of them. This perticular member of the MOE (ministry of education)maintains an almost perfect record from the day he was born. This reseme includes 5 days at his current job, being kicked out of highschool for disruptive behaviour and 1 year community detention for damage to property, drink driving and breaking into schools and telling kids to not focus on work and just "Rock on" ect. So I hope I have proved my point with facts and a very smart man with an IQ level of a bannana on my side. Just remember CLASSMATES!!!

Little Miss Room 18 said...

I enjoy their humour every so often but sometimes it does go a little bit to far and it is really distracting. It is hard to concentrate with their continuous calling out and giggling ! :-)

Hypotheses: What you take or understand from the situation or how you believe something happened,Your theory

Bubbles said...

I think, sitting right next to them and all, that it is kind of something that we need to keep the classroom exciting and enjoyable instead of dull. Sometimes I think they need to tone it down a bit and maybe not all the time everyday when they say something it kind of makes the whole class say something. And maybe they could stop accusing people about the point system. It is sometimes amusing but sometimes its over the top maddness. I honestly sort of agree with mystery man well some of it anyway.Our class is abnormous in a way we all are different and use each other and make a learning web (like we learnt in science roadshow) we depend on eath other even if some of us are weirder then others if someone is gone its different than what it is when we were all together. We are a class and if we make them be goody goody gum drops it just wouldnt be the same. So there you gowe wouldnt be room 18 without them.
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MrWoody said...

well, I am learning more about you and your needs thanks to those of you who are sharing your thoughts here. It is very encouraging! I feel excited about where we could go if we work together.
I think the answer is that we have to make everything more purposeful, engaging, interesting and then the lads will be on task as well as having some fun along the way... oops - did I say the lads - no clues ;-)
Term two will be better! HUZZAH!

mousewheel said...

MrWoody cum c my post about da cricket

Winged Hussar said...

They are only human, it is perfectly normal in your average working environment to have a few fools.

Bubbles said...

you got that right!!!!!! :)

outsider said...

So if a certain table of pupils is being 'disruptive' then surely it is up to the teacher - who supposedly is in charge, to split that group up and ensure that they no longer cause any disruption. Maybe it indicates that the teacher is not actually in control of the classroom. It is unappropriate to ask fellow classmates to make these sort of comments on their peers and breeds distrust.

MrWoody said...

You have raised several very important and interesting issues, Outsider. That is why we made it a class discussion with lots of consultation and made it very clear we weren't picking on anyone. In fact, it was the group themselves who decided to post the thoughts online. It allows the quiet members of the class an opportunity to have their say as this issue affects them daily.
It also has allowed a very strong sense of class community to evolve further thanks to the wonderful comments of some of the students themselves.
As for breeding distrust, don't you think writing anonymous comments [anonymous as you have no blog or details and have not identified yourself to me] might do that a bit more than known class members contributing openly to a class discussion?
I applaud the group involved for their willingness to follow through with the discussion publicly. I applaud their classmates for supporting them positively. I thank you for your thoughts, but I cannot applaud you as I feel your comment is negative and unhelpful.

MrWoody said...

in case the Outsider [whoever they are] deletes their comment in embarrassment, I have added it here as a quoted comment:

Blogger "Outsider" said...

"So if a certain table of pupils is being 'disruptive' then surely it is up to the teacher - who supposedly is in charge, to split that group up and ensure that they no longer cause any disruption. Maybe it indicates that the teacher is not actually in control of the classroom. It is unappropriate to ask fellow classmates to make these sort of comments on their peers and breeds distrust."

Maybe whoever it is should learn to spell "inappropriate" ;-)

Maybe I could separate the people involved, but then they would not learn how to control their own behaviour and they would not have the same opportunity to shine.
I know that the group involved has immense talent and can achieve greatness once they learn to respect the class environment a bit more. If they get split up they will achieve less and be less happy.
Of course, if they keep being silly for too long we will have to make changes. I agree.

Long live honest, respectful discussion. :-)

gracie said...

That sounds really interesting!

horseluva4 said...

The group can definately be called disruptive especially when you sit right next to them like me. It is honestly to hard for anyone to imagine unless you have the experience. Well, that's a small lie and it isn't that bad but it is still pretty bad!

B.T.W: On my blog I have a useful post about cybersafety.

miss south africa said...

well, it is funny for a while but sometimes you just want to have some quiet time to read or be able to concentrate on your work!

The Unknown Seeker said...

Mr Woody, I noticed in class today that you were very confidantly putting effect up on the board after you were so confused a couple of days ago. Why is that? Have gone it up in a dictionary?
By the way I,ve done a report on the football (soccer).
PS like the eyes?

G gangster said...

I think that we need to have to have some disruptive people in our class. without them we would be just another boring old class(not saying that all classes are boring) classes work like clockwork all the different things have to work together to make the clock work, without that group our class wouldn't function properly so even if it does affect people, which in my case it doesn't, we can't split them up.
well thats just my opinion. 8)

PS I do like them Unknown Seeker.

PPS Come to my blog. ;]