Monday, March 30, 2009

How does raucous music help us learn?

Today we did an experiment in class.
To investigate how music affects our ability to learn, we tried performing standard classroom learning tasks whilst listening to drum n bass [by Concord Dawn]. Secondly, we added a movement factor for kinaesthetic learners. Trying to "drum" in time on our desks was the next phase.
Describe here how it affected [or is that effected?] you as a learner.
Can you suggest other learning activities to try with music to add more result data to our investigation?
Thirdly, as a learning experience, was this useful or memorable? Please be specific as to why/why not.


The Other Boy said...

To answer the first question, I posted what I wrote this morning on my blog.
The second question: We could try different styles of music; classical, rock, pop. I plan to bring some music to school tomorrow :)
Lastly I would probably say it was useful and memorable, because I have decided to now do my homework with some music playing in the background, such as now [Read 'Em And Weep, Meatloaf, Hits Out Of Hell], and I know that in future that will help me when studying etc...
I enjoyed this morning :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Frozen Tree said...

I found that when the music was playing it was easier to move, and write, also making it fun.
When the music finished, it was easier to be quiet and listen, so I believe that the music helped, in a way.
But it also made it harder to concentrate and remember what we read, so it has disadvantages.

Q. are the advantages greater than the disadvantages?

A. yes, it made the working of my self more efficient, including fun.

look, a car chase

Bubbles said...

Well to me the music was catchy and it made me move as in work while I was reading (maybe it was because it was my work) and it made it enjoyable. But I still could read and listen to the raucous.
Also I think that we could do an experiment on soft and queit music to compare which one helps us concentrate more.
To me I think it was really useful because I could try it with other classes I go into to see what they think of the idea but most teachers so no to the fact because the most common act of people is "that will just make the class noisy and loud" before even doing an experiment.

(I think its affected)

Little Miss Room 18 said...

Personally i think the music made it a more positive exciting enviroment to work in but it was harder to raed and adjust into what we were doing! :-)

B.T.W The correct word is affect meaning changing something or making it different

Midnight Baloney said...

We could try writing or doing a test with loud music on.
Well, I think it was quite memorable... It's not very often that we can listen to music at school while working.
That's 'affected' according to


Winged Hussar said...

In art tech the teacher turns on the radio to "Classic Hits" and has it playing quietly in the background, it is quite relaxing.

MrWoody said...

splendid ideas, folks :-)
We need to do more research with more controlled factors.
We also need to be able to gather the data in a meaningful way.
Think up multiple experiments involving work, music, etc.
How will we record the effects? Maybe we could work in pairs with someone working and someone recording their responses, feelings, etc.

Bubbles said...

spendid idea mr woody

gracie said...

I think it would probably distract me!

Little Kiwi said...

I think music motivated and helped our learning creating a positive atmosphere.
It was a bit hard to read the board. I think it was a good experiment.

NZ 4eva :)

miss south africa said...

In my opinion the music made it quite difficult to work because it was very loud and people were dancing and banging on their desks.
Mabye music that is slower and quieter.

horseluva4 said...

The music was loud definately and it also distracted me so I couldn't even read (my favourite spare time activity) silently. I had to move my body or sing but the thing is, I could read and take in the words it's just that I couldn't process them properly, if you know what I mean (definition: seeing words but the words not meaning anything). So I foud it hard and I had the beat stuck in my head for ages but you can call that natural.

By the way: I have a post on my blog about cybersafety, and if you view it please comment.

mech boy said...

Mr Woody, you must be getting slack!
You never let awesomo4000 drum on his desk- let alone a whole class!