Saturday, February 28, 2009

International Kids Cooking Show

Whilst talking to my new friend Wes at the teacher conference I discovered he has a daughter excited about the possibility of making a cooking show. I wondered if any of you are interested in cooking. I certainly love cooking and so does Miss Freeman.
Have you watched Jamie Oliver's highly educational cooking shows? He is brilliant and has a social conscience as well.
I propose that if we can find suitable "hosts" and maybe use our school tv studio or cooking room, we could record brief cooking shows and share them online somehow. We could set up a cooking show internationally and get other kids from around the world and NZ to contribute. I bet Teaching Sagittarian's kids in Thailand would be interested. Perhaps each segment could be designed to share local cooking specialities?
What do you think?

The photo is from a website relating to kids cooking.


Arsenal4Life said...

thats a great idea mr.woody but how would we be able to book the food tech room.bags being the star lol jokes.Nice blogging mr.woody you keep getting ideas.well me i have no ideas.check out my blog peoples and comment please.bye.p.s arsenal4life

Mrs Gibb said...

Mr Woody, I suggest you get in touch with your local cuisine queen Mrs Twiss. She uses Youtube for her culinary delights. During the holidays she tweeted about many of her delicacies including baklava, she had found a very humourous cooking demonstration on how to make Turkish Baklava - informative and entertaining.

If your class struggles to "book" the cooking room you could make your first show all about the "kiwi BBQ" instead!! You could even raise funds from that.

If you want to see Mrs Twiss a little flustered you should ask her about cooking pavalova's (hehehehe).

Good Luck with your cooking show I hope it gets off the ground and if you need a non-bias judge then you know how to contact me!

Nei-Nei Neina-Marie said...

My little sister and my StepMum just made short-bread. Yum.
Anyway, it's great, because heaps of people resort to takeaways, and teaching the Younger Generation how to cook will make everything MUCH better, and hopefully takeaway will be a thing of the past.
Phew! What a mouthful!

Winged Hussar said...

I can cook biscuits pretty good lol

NZWaikato said...

I think its a really cool idea particularly if you had a NZ flavour to it and focussed on National dishes that other people overseas might not have heard of.
Room 8, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton.
ps - about that class link...

The Unknown Seeker said...

i love cooking! Sometimes i help cook currys and sometimes i help cook pies. I also love cooking cakes.

Mystery Man said...

Maybe we could book the food room when there is no tech (it does happen you know)and it would be really fun to revisit the cooking scene

Road Runner said...

Kewl Sounds like fun you should pick Arsenal4life though!!!!

sportingking said...


i couldn't think of one... said...

Yea Mystery Man is right, we should try and book the food tech room when it's empty

Lolz sportingking: Yum! Food! Yum!

Hahahahahhahahaha Lolz!
Can whoever reads this please come onto my blog and comment.

Thanks :)

Bubbles said...

I would definitly be the host totally !!!!!!!!!!! :)

The Karate Kid said...

I think you have some compitition bubbles. I think it's great that we could have a cooking show Mr Woody. :)

MrWoody said...

T be a successful candidate I suggest you start thinking about how to make your cooking show content highly interesting, with a local flavour.
In terms of format, it will need to be brief but have good impact so it sticks in people's minds.
To be successful we need to utilise something called viral marketing, as well as the strength of our connections to other interesting people online.

pinky said...

I REALLLY want to be "the star" I came second in the speech finals by one point last year which proves that I can speak in front of an audience. AND I am extra responsible (sometimes)LOL!!!!!!

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Jackie said...

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