Monday, February 23, 2009

i will miss you guys...

...while I'm at the Learning at Schools conference for teachers in Rotovegas this week
I hope some of you can get online during my presentation [around or before Thursday afternoon] and leave interesting comments on the blog so teachers can witness you interacting with me, [possibly] live. while I present work on students blogging.
If you have any thoughts on the value of blogging as an educational tool you could discuss them here and we will review them at the conference. And how do you feel about the difference between being kept in classrooms and being able to get outside and interact with the world?

I value your input - you are powerful learners and powerful teachers.

kia kaha
mr woody :-)


Little Miss Room 18 said...

I like blogging because it is a fun way to turn our learning and ideas into something amazing the whole world can see!!!

The Other Boy said...

I left a comment on your other post "Why is blogging valuable" relating to this. If you get time, please read it :)