Saturday, February 28, 2009

Teaching Sagittarian

Our friend Chrissy is teaching in Thailand and has a cool educational blog called "Teaching Sagittarian". We all know sagittarians are super cool people, but Chrissy is also a great educator and user of ICT. She was even beamed in live to our keynote speaker's address via skype where she joined in virtually and recorded our version of "Matt's dance", which we performed as a warmup flashmob event set up by AllanahK.
If you're a teacher you might want to check out Chrissy's blog. The dance is shown there, although it's a bit fuzzy. Thankfully I don't think you can see me.

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Teaching Sagittarian said...

Thanks Mr Woody - Sagittarian's are definitely pretty cool people!
We would love to connect and/or collaborate with educators and students who are using ICT in the classroom!
Shame my video didn't catch you dancing Mr Woody - wonder if the Learning@Schools09 video caught you?!?