Monday, August 24, 2009

Term 3 Mega-Project!

[boot is made of organic hemp and recycled tyres]

As discussed in class, you need to come up with an innovative, entrepreneurial or inventive idea that you can design, develop and market to a target audience. In class you will have time to work on the project. You need to work alone. [In special cases I will allow people to work together - e.g. the worm farm project is a group effort.]
You need to:
1. Have an idea for something that needs improving, re-designing, or inventing from scratch.
  • Consider something that annoys you and that you can think of a solution for. [Remember the story of the girl who had to stop her cat following her to school each day.
2. Start an inventors or innovators log book to record your ideas, designs, market research, discussions with others, etc. Date your entries and show the development of your thinking, including ideas that you decide against.

3. Plan, model, test, produce your prototype.

4. Test your product on an audience for feedback.

5. Evaluate the product and make any improvements required.

6. Design a marketing campaign. Try to be innovative and amazing with this - blow your audience away! Use advertising tricks [as discussed in class and on previous blog posts] to lure your audience in to wanting to buy or use your product.
  • TV ads
  • Radio ads
  • Print ads in b/w or colour
  • Internet marketing
  • Can you think of other ways to promote your product or idea?
7. Present your entire project at the Matai Team Trade Fair in Wk 10 in the Gym. Plan ahead to have access to anthing you need to make your display a success. You will need to stand at a stall of some description to "sell" your idea to passersby. Parents, teachers and other classes will be invited.

See Mr Nunn's example for a minimum requirement.


Little Miss Room 18 said...

We could use the school radio station to advertise and maybe link from our blogs to a website or even advertise on our blogs.

MrWoody said...

Both ideas are BRILLIANT LittleMissRoom18 :-)

pinky said...

Thanks for the clarification Mr Woody!!! I'm working with

Rainbows and GreenGrass said...

this will be interesting, but difficult, I'll have to really nuckle down and get on to it.

Are we definately not allowed to work in pairs??

horseluva4 said...

Those are great ideas and I don't think I can beat them. (Is it alright if I work with Pinky?) I really want to do well with this and me and Pinky have 2 ideas between us. We think both the ideas would work well, we just can't decide!