Monday, August 3, 2009

Telethon 2009

Wow - When I was a kid we had Telethons and the whole country seemed to get involved. We were buoyed by a spirit of togetherness and felt positive about how we made a difference in a good cause. It was really exciting to say up late and watch our normally reserved television celebrities having fun and doing dares to earn more donations.
In light of our Enterprise Unit and learning about entrepreneurs, innovators and inventors, what could you do to make a difference to some disadvantaged Kiwi kids?
Check out the Telethon site online to get ideas or to donate.
Enjoy the Big Night In and make the most of the opportunity to make a difference and create your own positive childhood memories.

Questions raised during our Telethon discussion: [Feel free to discuss them in more depth here]

1. Should we fund raised for our kids here when there are kids in greater need elsewhere?
2. How do you feel about making a new Telethon song when there is an iconic Kiwi song already embedded in our national psyche?
3. What can you do to make a difference?
4. How much is enough to donate? Does every little bit count?
5. Are children today too selfish to fundraise for others?
6. Is there too much entertainment about now for a Telethon to be successful?
7. Will the recession be used as an excuse to not participate [- as it is already being used by our Prime Minister to ignore our upcoming anti-smacking referendum.]
8. Is poverty a fair enough excuse for not making the most of educational opportunities in NZ?
9. Should we fundraise for Mr Woody to help upgrade his car and house? ;-)


madmacnz said...

You Woodmonstas are asking some amazing questions! These are big dilemas - the 'right' answers will be the ones that feel right to you once you've done some research!

Carol K

Anonymous said...

Wow What a nice complement, I am watching The Telethon I want to stay up all night but we will see

Little Miss Room 18 said...

I am really looking forward to the telethon because I would like to see how generous NZ really is!

I think changing the telethon song was a very dissapointing choice because that song is THE telethon song and anything else just won't fit the telethon song, job description!!!

pinky said...

I really can't choose wether or not they should have changed the song. i agree with mystery man when, the other day, he said that the new song represented the "rebirth" of the telethon, and the new song is really cool, but if a song is iconic you shouldn't really change it.


black wolf said...

I dont think we should be saving money for our kids because if you give parents the money they will just spend it on alcohol and smokes. If you give kids those all blacks jackets how many will end up on trade me?

Little Miss Room 18 said...

WOW I thought the telethon was awesome!
But the amount donated by NZ was very dissapointing.

COME ON NZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!