Friday, August 28, 2009

work work work

1. Remarkable Report [due end of week 9]
Choose a biography or autobiography on two different notable entrepreneurs/innovators/inventors.
Compare and contrast the key personality traits as well as the processes they went through to become successful.
Success criteria as written in your books. Make it as amazing as you can!

2. Trade Fair Exhibition [see earlier entry - due end of week 9]

3. Library Competition "Snapshots in Time" [due Friday week 8]
- See pages stapled to wall, including example.
  • select and justify 8 significant events in the life of the person studied
  • visually represent four of these events using photos, diagrams, sketches, etc., as well as describing all eight events in written form.
  • compose a clear, concise, descriptive sentence for each event.
Present this all on A4, with small images in the heading. Present it in the form of a "graph" with a labelled axes:
x = time in years
y = life's highs and lows.
Include 8 selected events, 4 visually displayed with captions and 4 written only, all as points on a line graph.
Be creative.

It will be judged on:
  1. importance/relevance of the events included.
  2. layout and design
  3. error free copy attractively presented
  4. appropriate use of images to share information
[See examples on the wall to remind you of expectations.]


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Bubbles said...

I have almost finished my library competition, I just need to print it of and colour!!!!! =)

MrWoody said...

Well managed, Bubbles - keep up the good work :-) Now only you and Miss Room18 are commenters from our class. i guess you deserve a prize each

pinky said...

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horseluva4 said...

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I don't like work. It's BOOORING, but I do it anyway.