Monday, August 24, 2009

Media Literacy

What is media literacy? How does it relate to you young Woodmonstas? It may be amongst the most important areas of learning for your generation.
The following material is from the website "Dont' Buy It" ... [It's a really interesting interactive site with topics for you to reflect upon, like why bother buying designer clothes or trying to look like a super model.]

"What is Media Literacy?

Media literacy empowers people to be both critical thinkers and creative producers of an increasingly wide range of messages using image, language and sound. It is the skillful application of literacy skills to media and technology messages. As communication technologies transform society, they impact our understanding of ourselves, our communities and our diverse cultures, making media literacy an essential life skill for the 21st Century.
--Alliance for a Media Literate America

Media literacy goes beyond the idea of reading and writing. It requires media consumers to effectively analyze and evaluate the numerous media messages we encounter.

Media education can facilitate students' reflections on their media experiences and help them develop critical thinking skills. The classroom exercises proposed in this guide may support many different subject areas, including arts and language, mathematics, health and nutrition"


Access the site and check out the activities. It relates to our thematic learning on entrepreneurs etc because we will be advertising our innovations and inventions at our class trade fair this term.


Little Miss Room 18 said...

Wow I thought ad. dtective was a really cool game and really educational!

The Unknown Seeker said...

Media literacy is a tricky subject to understand, but useful this terms studies.

Rainbows and GreenGrass said...

yummy that burger makes me hungry.

pinky said...

The talk we had in class about adds and stuff suprised me, and made me think!! I agree with Rainbows and GreenGrass!!

Radioactive5ian said...

every second of every day we are exposed to advertising! youre driving in your car and out of the window you see a sign that says 'house for sale' with the LODGE logo plastered across it. then you turn your head and painted on the winow of a shop is 'SALE, half price'. when you get home youre tring to watch your favourite show and then the ads come on. you go on to the computer and all of this advertising material comes up. you recive an email and attached the the bottom is more advertising! its ridiculous

MrWoody said...

Yes! That's why media literacy is so important to educate young people about. Well stated, RadioActiveGal.