Thursday, April 16, 2009

Resource links for Sustainability

Here are links to websites and Google search results for relevant information.
We will evaluate, analyse and synthesize these sources. They may not all be reliable. Some opinions may differ and "facts" could contradict each other.
Information from these sources will form material for our guided reading activities.
There may be ideas for projects embedded within the sites...

Sustainability NZ Govt

University of Canterbury

Sustainability Council of NZ

Google Search results:

"What Does Sustainability Mean?"

"Environmental Sustainability"

"Global Warming"

"Environmental Sustainability - Video results"

"Ecological Footprint"


pinky said...

COOL! I am a "greenie". Back at my primary school I was In the enviromental group, we met every friday and discussed things to do with enviroment that would help our school become a better place!

Little Miss Room 18 said...

Thanks Mr. Woody!