Tuesday, April 28, 2009


We are working towards creating well-crafted, logical, written arguments.
In class we can practise on different topics. Here is a list of topics we will cover so you can start thinking about them and preparing your points to back up your position...

Should New Zealand develop nuclear power stations?

Which is better for Kiwi teens? Co-ed or single sex schools?

We should all be vegetarians.

Uniforms should be banned.

NZ should reintroduce "carless days."

We should re-introduce corporal punishment at schools.


Bobby said...

I think that NZ shouldn't develop nuclear power
I do love animals but no I couldn't be a vegetarians
schools should keep uniforms
and just so NZ can become un cruel no we shouldn't reintroduces corporal punish ment at schools.

Bubbles said...

I think mixed schools.
I want to be a vegetarian but my mum wont let me and I dont eat meat only when I have to.
Uniforms shouldnt be banned.

mousewheel said...

New Zealand probaly should start using nuclear power because if a nuclear war happens whats NZ gonna protect its self with?
I would never become a vegeterian because I LOVE meat.
Go to my blog and cilk the link to my new blog "Sustainability".

MrWoody said...

Thanks for sharing your ideas, peeps. You need to give clear reasons to back up your point of view.

Winged Hussar said...

if nuclear war happens, we prey that North Korea is on our side.

1. mixed schools.
2. not sure - i used to kinda be a vegetarian.
3. needs to be more specific, like uniform for what? assuming it means all uniform, no.
4. yes
5. yes
couldn't be bothered explaining my answers, sorry.

love peace and happiness said...

Hello. So is this thing here going to be like debating or something?

because it sounds like the same as the stuff we did last year for debating!


i couldn't think of one... said...

Lolz I like doing debating because half the time someone gets like really angry and its crack up. But I still like the debating. Btw I think I have made my blog on sustainibiltity

pinky said...

Yeah! We came up with some really good ideas!

lilrocsta said...

this might sound really wierd but i love arguing!!!

Drumbledoor said...

1.I don't think we should have nuclear power stations because it is dangerous if the radiation leaks.
BTW Mousewheel and Winged hussar, Mr Woody said nuclear power, not nuclear weapons and North Korea certainly would not be on our side.
2.Mixed schools are better because if you have a sibling of the opposite sex then you can still go to the same school.
3.I personally think that we should all be vegetarians because it's cruel to kill animals but I wouldn't like to eat veges the whole time.
4.I don't think uniforms should be banned because they look smart and you don't have to worry about which clothes you're going to wear.
5.carless days- sounds like a good idea. It would encourage people to walk more and it would also help the environment.
6.And definitely no- I would not like to be caned.
So bye for now.

Nei-Nei Neina-Marie said...

I got one... We should have capitol punishment.