Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Nukes or no nukes

When discussing sustainability, we will need to research and recommend what would be the best means of creating power within our context.
In NZ we use coal burning power stations like the one at Huntly, hydro-electric power stations, wind farms and some solar power. There is always a cost-benefit ratio to consider when deciding which method to use, and availability of suitable resources [e.g. coal, rivers, wind] to harness is one factor. The country also has to be able to afford to create the necessary infra-structure such as dams, power stations, etc.
NZ has a history of being anti-nuclear, but it is a political stance from decades ago and perhaps now might be a good time to reconsider whether or not nuclear power generation might be useful for us here. Technology and safety factors have improved and nuclear power generation doesn't produce greenhouse gases like burning coal does. It remains a tricky issue.
Several years ago I asked a similar question and I received some interesting replies from experts overseas. Read the post linked below and check out the comments to see what the people said. It shows there is usually more than one side to every story and more than one set of valid opinions.


Would nuclear power be a viable power source for NZ? [Herald Poll, comments]


pinky said...

YAY!!! We are a "clean green" country and we are anti-nuclear!!!!


Little Miss Room 18 said...

I agree with Pinky but what little we are producing we could probably make a little less by recycling, Turning off our lights when we leave the room ETC. and just doing little things that will make a big difference!

G gangster said...

Being an anti-nuclear country is good but we still burn coal which makes pollution, I think that we should use our natural power sources more and we could also try and use tidal energy. what do you think?

Miss McConnell said...

These are some great thoughts. I agree with being a 'clean green' nuclear free country, but I am also very impressed by how France is very clean and beautiful, they have the cleanest air in the world, becuase they use nucler energy. It is indeed a tricky issue! Good point Gganster, I have read about wave energy, I think equipment is still being tested, could it be an option in NZ? Would you want one on your beach?

Rainbows and GreenGrass said...

Hi, I think that nuclear power isn't good because it makes our Ozone layer be thinner. And thats a bad thing. But like Miss McConnell said some nuclaer power plants can be resourceful so its something to ponder.

Mystery Man said...

Im not too sure about nuclear power but I think it is a valid point and maybe we should consider using nuclear plants. As Miss McConnel said France uses them and they don't encounter problems.

Bobby said...

yes I do agree with Miss McConnell we should think about, whould we have a nuclaer power plant in our back yard, still it is better than coal but it is very dangerous and if the power plant was destroyed we would have to take every body out of NZ