Thursday, April 9, 2009

Holiday Homework

It has been a very busy Term One. Some of you have managed your workload brilliantly and completed all your assignments [apart from the art one which fizzled, but which we will complete in term Two].
For those of you who struck technical difficulties or simply didn't manage your time well enough, please be sure to include these things on your blog over the holidays:

a) Interesting posts with information images and references [url's] to where you found the info.

b) Traits of a quality learner - write in you own words some of the traits of a quality learner and list references. Include an image.

c) Optional - with a self portrait you have drawn, painted, etc., scan and post it.


The Other Boy said...

I agree with what you said, and as for those things:
a = yes
b = definetely
and c = possibly
:) :) :) :)

Bubbles said...

Hi Mr Woody have a great holiday!!!!
:) I am going to do these things over the holidays!!!!

B.T.W Did the other boy tell you all about the science project for our tech Create a creature that lives in the dessert.

Sprint Gas Racing said...

Hi Mr Woody hope you have a great holiday because i am. There are some wicked things you can do with your blog check out what i have done.=)

Nei-Nei Neina-Marie said...

A Self-Portrait??? Yikes. What if those children have parents who want them to remain cybersafe, so their picture has to a an alien version of themself?

Little Miss Room 18 said...

Can the interesting posts just be anything random but meaningful or do they have to be related to what we are doing in class?

B.T.W I have posted my quality learner presantation and the traits!

Leah said...

Hey how are you!

I wiil put some posts up about my holidays and traits of a sucessful learner

jjdragonrider said...

hi mr woody! are you having a great holiday because i am! i will put my traits of a quality learner on my blog sometime in the holidays

gracie said...

hi! My sister is playing golf on sunday. She loves golf sooo much!

Winged Hussar said...

mrwoody i hope you like how i presented my traits of a quality learner. You said you wanted it integrated with I.C.T. Look on my blog for it :)

pinky said...

Me, Midnight Baloney and Queen Of Hearts can only do ours in term two because the food tech room was fully booked with classes.

So we will do it in the first week of term two. It will DEFINITLEY be finished by week two!