Monday, November 2, 2009

Secrets unravelling

Aliens have been encountered! Temples unearth! Exotic treasures with mystical properties discovered. Mutations abound. Extinct species seemingly reincarnated.
Watch out - not all your former classmates are now as they once were.
Seek out adventure if you want to find the secrets to Matainui. For you see, you have all been there before... Time has indeed been twisted, but you are not in the past.
The outcomes of your Sustainability study have meant that you are now some of the only humans left alive on Earth!!!
Seek out the answers on your classmates blogs. Some of them have uncovered the majority of the tale... but no one knows everything yet!

I have drawn you some clues in a graphic novel. If you are interested I will bring it to school for you to see...

Captive alien

Evolving creatures

Mathematical clues

Collection agents

Major Clue


Little Miss Room 18 said...

Cool! Thanks Mr Woody! :-)

Bubbles said...

Our group knows the secret of the island(well some of it anyway)!!!! =) he he!!!!
Bubbley xx

Bubbles said...

Those pictures are so weird!!! =)
Bubbley xx

Bubbles said...

OtherBoy That is so cool!!!!
I agree with you Mr Woodys pictures are weird !!!!!!!
Bubbley xx

Bubbles said...

He he we can't tell you na na na na na na!!!!!!!!!
Bubbley xx

G gangster said...

Well I found out so now I know the secret
laugh on line