Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Leaving quality writing comments

When leaving comments on your peers' [new word for Mr Lyttle] blogs you should evaluate the writing by comparing it to the achievement objectives on this teacher website

The best comments will win a trip to Uzbekistan where you can mingle with fabulous cultural dancers, drink fresh yak milk and dig for fossilized mastodons.

[prize may in fact be fictional]


Happy said...

Okay thanks Mr Woody :)

G gangster said...

Sweet mr woody!!

P.S where is Uzbekistan!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Okay dokey then :):):):):):)
CHOCOHOLIC much?????????

The Other Boy said...

Oh noes, I just lost the game.

black wolf said...

Uzbekistan is in Central Asia. I hear its horrible over there.
Thank you other boy I just lost the game to.
Thank you Mr Woody.

Midnight Baloney said...

Is Uzbekistan close to Azerbaijan? Because that's like the only country on my ClustrMap apart from NZ.
OK, Mr Woody.

Winged Hussar said...

Azerbaijan... I hear its really nice in the summer. The place is really rich in oil, so they better build there army up for when the Americans come. :P

Sprint Gas Racing said...

Trust the Americans always stealing other peoples stuff. Thanks the Other Boy I lost the game as well.

P.S. See how I shortened it to a W tee hee =)

pinky said...

Well, I don't know where Uzbekistan is, I'm not really interested in cultural dancers, (No offence) and Yak milk sound kinda gross. What are fossilized mastodons??? I will check out mr lyttle's blog!!! Thanks Mr Woody!

Little Miss Room 18 said...

It does sound like quite a unique country with all their cultural ctvities. Maybe we could run a competition in our class to see who can post some good comments!

Anonymous said...

I lost the game too Thanks OTHER BOY lol =)
CHOCOHOLIC much?????

Dreamenchantress said...

um... yay