Monday, November 9, 2009

Ancient Art Challenge

Art Challenge:

  • create a poster [any size]
  • use colour
  • mimic the artistic style of an ancient culture
  • demonstrate 'reflection' in the design
  • include creatures, characters or discoveries from your narrative
  • enjoy it and try to beat me in the race for the three chocoloate bar prizes


G gangster said...

interesting mr woody you said try do you have doubts in our art capabilities or do you think to highly of yourself to think that we can beat you(which we will)?

In whatever the case remember the saying "the bigger they are the harder they fall"

MrWoody said...

Great comment GBoy! Bring it on!

pinky said...

Cool challange Mr Woody!!! I'll be sure to take up the challenge!!

G gangster said...

1 question mr woody do we have to use symmetry????

MrWoody said...

let's say artists were born to break rules :-) play to win!

G gangster said...


black wolf said...

I have done one which I may enter but I might do a better one if I can.