Friday, March 26, 2010

Hi Fairfield

Hey you kids from my former class, check out my recent save the piggy campaign on Room5ians Rule!

Please don't contribute to the cruelty imposed upon pigs so we can have slightly cheaper pork products.
Pigs are sensitive sentient creatures with high intelligence who suffer greatly because of our farming practices, but I bet you can't get one adult to care or change their ways.  Especially not at your enviroUNfriendly school.

Hope you are having a good year. 

Keep in touch :-) 


emjay said...

Mr Woody!!

I am currently setting up a Wiki and blogspot for my kids and thought I would take a squiz at what you have been doing to maybe steal some ideas... Wow I haven't even thought about your blogs etc for years, and it is soooo cool! I promise I will cite you if I nick any of your blogging work! When I have some more time I will have a more thorough peruse but it looks wicked as! I have left uni and am working at a high school with big, scary seniors and Miss Emma married the man who used to sing Italian arias to her and she now lives and works in Canada! Hope all is well with you. Any ideas etc about thing blogging business, feel free to pass them on Oh Wise One.

Kind Regards,
M. :-)

Little Miss Room 18 said...

I'll try to convine my parents! :-D

Black wolf said...

My parents wont be doing that. We don't buy bacon. It's to salty.

Good news!
Because my holidays are always extremely boring I'm going to rewrite and continue my matainui story!