Friday, June 12, 2009

Which place matters most?

Check out our Clustrmap image.
Can you name some interesting and obscure countries we have had visits from?

While you're investigating the planet, consider which parts are most significant in terms of the planet's ecology. I mean name three countries that are most significant in terms of environmental impact. You can't be wrong if you justify your answer.

Also, check out this cool site relating to ecology and conservation:

I think you'll really like this one and it has green tips for you:

Feel free to do reviews of websites I share on your own blogs.


pinky said...

There was a pretty crazy sounding one (no offence) called lithuania or something, also turkey is a pretty funny name along with one called Luxembourg.
America has a lot to do with our research about the story of stuff, you know how all of that information about how in America they live like they have five mouths five individual hearts and needs E.T.C.

Sri Lanka is also important because that is where Midnight Baloney has ancestory or something. That website is REALLY REALLY REALLY cool! If we all did MOST of the things on that list, then the world would truly be a better place!!!

Little Miss Room 18 said...

I think for a class project it would be cool if we each chose an interesting coutry from our Woodmonstas clustermap and studied that for the term that way we would be able to learn alot about some different countries in the world and relate it to our blog!

Also that didiot website has some really cool tips on it!

gracie said...

Cool! You have soooo many little dots! I only have about five!!! Cool, cool, cool!