Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ski Trip Cancelled

The ski trip has been cancelled this year due to lack of interest.
[grumble grumble]
Please inform your lovely parents tomorrow night's meeting is cancelled.
[Grumble grumble]

The image is from last year's incredibly cool ski trip to Whakapapa.


Little Miss Room 18 said...

Sorry Mr. Woody!!

Rainbows and GreenGrass said...

Yeah, I'm sorry too, I want to but I have my really important ce exams that week, so yeah. Maybe we could see if there is another date?

I've never been to the snow so it would be an experience (my parents like beaches!) but I also think lots of people aren't going because of other school commitments and the expense.

Sorry =(

Frozen Tree said...

I think you can't blame all of us. I mean, for example, you said that ALL of us said we could go, we were allowed to go, and we will go. BUT some of us said ages ago, in early Term 1 when you first mentioned it, that we couldn't. I think this is called 'making Generalizations'. This is unfair for us people that gave you notice and you are now saying that we are all horrible liars and you didn't look good when you got mad about it.
Trying to make things better.

-Frozen Tree

i couldn't think of one... said...

Yea i'm sorry too :(

Arsenal4Life said...

Yea im sorry but with about $500 ski trip and some praople have to pay another like $200-400 and other peoples parents like mine just cant aford that money right now with the move to aussie

pinky said...

That is a real shame!!!! I dont really like the cold snow, but I was really looking forward to it! It was a shame that might have aims at the same time.

I feel so bad!

MrWoody said...

The lesson should be not to accept an offer, allow someone to do make commitments to other people based on your decision, then let them down late in the piece.
Remember the lesson...
And for those of you saving to go to AIMS instead - don't count your chickens re inclusion in the team. In-class behaviour and commitment to schoolwork counts towards the decision to let you go.
[evil laughter]

But don't fret kidlets - life is full of surprises. We can't always have what we want. You needn't apologise. Money is tight for many people and the trip was very expensive.
Mrs Morrissey and I will simply arrange our own ski trip and go without you.
See you tomorrow [with bells on].
I miss your smiling faces already.

Frozen Tree said...

In case you took my comment the wrong way, I didn't mean just me.

Sprint Gas Racing said...

I am really sorry you put in all the hard work just to get rejected like last weeks lunch. Again I'm really sorry.

Micheal Carrick said...

I think we should go on a class camp experience were we put our survival skills to the test it might show us how to live on the island better as well. It should also not be the week before the biggest sports tournament of the year!!! and sorry that we are not going

MrWoody said...

Well, I like your idea about going on some kind of class camping trip.
We need to do something cool together as a group outside of school with some carefully selected parents to help us.

Micheal Carrick said...

Yeah LOL sorry i did not see this and recapped the idea in the Positive =) Versus Negative =( post my mum would be happy to come (I think) as she has a vast knowledge of the outdoor life and loves camping (Like Me) and think some of the more unfit kids would benefit greatly from this as it is not the easy way to live!

Catch Ya

Micheal Carrick

"Soca Nerd!" said...

I thankyou for all the hard work you've put in towards the ski trip but i'm sorry for the cancelation

DX said...

i hate it how they all said that they would go but they didn't.