Sunday, April 24, 2011

Chilis, dogs and blogs

Greetings FIS - I hope your new school is going well [new DP, AP, Principal, teachers, students, executive officer, etc].

This is just a note to mention that you new welcome to still communicate here and I will respond to any comments.
If you are using this blog for educational purposes please leave a comment [- it's just good manners].

Essential features to enable on your own blogs are email verification so you are aware of all comments placed anywhere on your blog - you will need this to keep in touch with participants and be aware of spam comments so you can delete them. Any spam I leave her from now on will be due to lack of use, rather than not being aware of it. 
Word verification stops spammers from leaving comments.
Adding a clustrmap is not essential but it encourages participation and allows opportunities for geographical disucssions and learning. 

Feel free to check out Room5ians Rule which is still in use with a variety of schools.

Kia kaha and go the All Blacks!

Chilis - I grew these habanero chjilis this summer - a bumper crop ! They are super hot and really great to grow. They are like blogs and dogs - there is nothing better once you get used to them, understand them and know how to handle them properly.  If used carelessly and without proper knowledge they can hurt you, but that does not mean they are dangerous!

[I have no idea why the image rotated without my permission - bah humbug!]

Good luck Mr Cooper - you'll need it ;-)


My Cool Blog said...

Cool post
From "S" from Room 14

My Cool Blog said...

Hi Mr Woody
Thanks for the tip
I'll leave that in mind.
From "S"
Room 14

Ashish Kumar said...

Nice post!!!

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Thank you :)

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