Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Winter sports time

How's FIS going in Term Two? Now you're into winter sports - lucky for all the footballers that I'm not there anymore - my team went terribly with me at the helm last year - once I stepped aside they ended up winning a trophy! Well done them.
Hopefully all you kids are trying our for football, netball, waterpolo, etc. Are there any more Kiwi winter sports you kids are playing?
I think the Peachgrove 1st XI might be formidable this year. How is FIS looking?
Good luck and play fair.


Element Master said...

Malik and His brother Quasay are in the 1st X1 unfortunaetly my brother did'nt make the squad. Some useless keeper made it and according to a few kids that I kept in contact with from the firsts say he has got a crook from bending down to get the ball out of the back of the net. And the seconds are'nt too good the third eleven are in a better division than them. And no I am not predujiced against that keeper I just think Fish (My Brother's Nickname) should be in. Personal opinion hope Webby (Mr Webb) does'nt take it on the nose (So don't tell him please!Lol) My running is going ok. I got over my injury and am back in the running groove. I also made Colts (Top Year 9 Team's) for cricket. Sorry Got To Go got PTI (Parent-Teacher Interviews. See-ya

MrWoody said...

great to hear news of the crew :-)

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