Tuesday, January 26, 2010

prepping for filming

While my poor former colleagues had to suffer through a painfully tedious teacher only day today i was out getting my hands on a new, signed, Manfrotto Fig Rig - a very cool simple solution to steadycam for the non-rich n famous.
I will be using it this week to film doco style footage of a homeless guy as he survives on the streets of Hamilheaven. The footage is for a mental health training video. A cool project.

Good luck to the former Woodmonstas who will hopefully get the chance to use the TVFI studio this year, despite my absence. You squiddlers are capable of great things if you think creatively and apply yourselves. Don't let anyone hold you back. You have many great resources available to you at FIS, so try to convince your controllers to let you use them in creative ways. I know Mr Noble is keen to let people be innovative.
You could make a programme about your worm farming.


The Unknown Seeker said...

I'm sure you'll enjoy your project. It's sad that you've left school. best of luck in your career with your wife.

black wolf said...

Enjoy yourself Woodcock. The Seeker's right. It is to bad that you left school.
On the brighter side of things, I got a new camera! Dads late x-mas gift. $200 on trade me. I might post some pictures that I've taken. Dad and I are think of starting up a new photography business.

G gangster said...

hello mr woody I know this is totally off topic but i got a comment on my return to matianui blog from some random blogger.
heres a link if any one wants to check it out

Midnight Baloney said...

Hello Mr Woody.
Good luck to you and your wife for the business. My mum is actually a psychiatrist (did I spell that right?) so she also works in mental health. I'm quite interested in that steadycam technology - you could understand why. Yeah, well good luck.

black wolf said...

I have the first day of REAL schooling tomorrow. The last two days have been just tutor groups. Girls high is really cool. We do all our stuff with boys high so I will see most of the boys again. I hope some of the new year 8s are coming here.

Who's your new teacher year 8s?

MrWoody said...

indeedy diddly doo, midnightbaloney :-)
Blackwolf - great news that you are happy there!